This camp is inspired by Mata Bhaag Kaur (Mai Bhago) and has been arranged exclusively for bibia (females). The aim is to allow bibia to connect and form a bond with each other, whilst connecting with Guru Sahib’s Sikhi, to help strengthen spirits further.

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The event is free and intended for mature teenagers and adults. A creche has been setup for 5 year olds and over.

Inspiring guest speakers have been selected to lead workgroups, meditation and encourage self reflection and share thoughts from Gurbani. In our qaum (nation), females have played pivotal roles as preachers, leaders and warriors. Sadly, Panjabi culture quite often diminishes the role of women through prejudice and ritualistic tradition. Sikhi breaks these shackles of sexism and instead recognises the genderless soul within.

This camp hopes to help rekindle that confident spirit.

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