SUNDAY 3rd June 2012
Asa Di Vaar Keertan – 6am

Keertan begins early this Sunday. An opportunity to enjoy Guru Ji's amazing Baani together.






Bhai Jagjit Singh –

The events of June 1984 – 12pm

As we approach the anniversary of Operation Bluestar, Bhai Jagjit Singh will share facts about the horrific event.


Sanpooran Designs

Sanpooran designs will be also at Gurdwara Sahib selling their keyrings. Each keyring represents a victim of the illegal cremations which were uncovered by Jaswant Singh Khaalrha.

All proceeds will go to Khalsa Aid. So please purchase a keyring, they will be priced at £2.50. Also available will be a free audio CD of Bhai Jaswant Singh Khaalrha's last speech.