Vaheguru Ji Ka Khalsa
Vaheguru Ji Ki Fateh

Saadh Sangat Ji,

The pictures of the events and aftermath of June 1984 (operation Bluestar) will evoke a variety of emotions amongst Sikhs of all generations. Seeing the holiest Sikh shrine turned into a battlefield, and the Akaal Takhat almost demolished was always going to hurt sentiments of the Sikhs. The innocent pilgrims who had come to observe the "shaheedi" of Guru Arjan Dev Ji were mercilessly killed by the Indian Army.





What followed in the state of Punjab was utter turbulence. Fake encounters became order of the day. A whole generation of Sikh youth went missing. There were many opportunists who took advantage of the unrest and maligned the sikh freedom movement by carrying out acts in the name of Sikhs.

In Late October of the same year, Beant Singh and Satwant Singh assasinated Indira Gandhi for her role in Operation Blue Star. In response government backed thugs ran riot in the Indian capital, where they had a free licence and helping hand from politicians and police to pretty much do as they please to the local Sikh population.




Seeing these injustices many Sikhs raised arms against the state. As a Khalsa we can never sit back and see injustices take place whether they are against us or anyone else.rally

The Chief Minister of Punjab who was elected in a dubious manner to say the least, Beant Singh, along with KPS Gill were responsible for the deaths of many Sikhs – many of whom had nothing to do with the freedom movement.

Dilavar Singh and Balwant Singh Rajona, could not see these daily fake encounters anymore. They had been working in the police force and had witnessed many of these dark deeds. They assassinated the chief minister.


We have all heard of the case of Balwant Singh Rajoana, which has once again seen the Panth rise from deep slumber. Bhai Sahib has practically been leading the panth from a prison cell. Sikhs all around the world have rallied together on his one call. His letters are anticipated eagerly by the Sikh community. It seems he is doing what our leaders have failed to do. He has urged all Sikhs to take pride in the unique Sikh identity, and also connect to our Guru.

Why are Sikhs wanting to Save a murderer?

Sikhs are against the death penalty. We want justice and a level playing field. Bhai Sahib himself has no fear of the gallows, and will happily accept the death sentence, as he has already expressed he has no faith in the Indian Judicial System as a Sikh. 

The murderers of Sikhs are given promotions (Tytler and Sajjan Kumar) and are being protected, or in certain cases their sentences are being reduced (Kishori Lal). Yet it seems the noose has been specifically made for the Sikhs only.

1984 is a dark chapter from our history, but it is something we all need to research and educate ourselves about. We need to understand the reasons for the Sikh agitation, which can be traced back to the partition of Punjab. What made these sikhs who had given their all for mother india, then rise against that very same state. Please read around the subject so we can also educate others and eliminate the misconceptions which has been and continues to be propogated.




Gurdwara Sahib has organised a coach to the Rally in Trafalgar Square, which will be leaving 7:00am and setting off back from London at 4:00pm.

If you would like to go to this event then please contact Maadho Singh on 07850947723 to book your seats. Seats will be on a first come first serve basis




Vaheguru Ji Ka Khalsa

Vaheguru Ji Ki Fateh