Vaheguru Ji Ka Khalsa

Vaheguru Ji Ki Fateh


Saadh Sangat Ji,


Following on from the huge success of Bhai Taru Singh, Vismaad are back with their next offering – "Bhai Subeg Singh and Bhai Shahbaz Singh". Vismaad have for many years been producing high quality animated movies to raise awareness of Sikh history, in the past you may recall they have produced movies on the younger Sahibzaadey, Banda Singh Bahadhur, and Sundri. I'm sure everyone will agree that this is a very important seva, and the quality of the product they bring improves significantly each time. The Vismaad sevadaars need the support of the sangat, and it is the sangats responsibilty to support such causes inparticularly in terms refraining from buying pirated copies of the Vismaad DVDs.

The latest offering tells the story of the father and son bhai Subeg Singh and Bhai Shahbaz Singh. In the Daily Ardaas Sikhs mention "Charkhriyaan te Charhey", many Sikhs from that era were tortured on the dreaded wheel in an attempt to break their will and to encourage them to falter from the path of Sikhi. These two Singhs are just one of many examples from our glorious history who stood firm and took this punishment as simply the will of God.

For more info on Bhai Subeg Singh and Bhai Shahbaz Singh please click here.

The movie will be shown at GNG on Sunday 4th March 2012 at 1pm. Please show your support and bring along your families to learn about our martyrs.

Also Bhai Surjit Singh Ji will be returning on the same weekend to continue his parchaar.


You can view a trailer for the movie here.


You can also download the shabads and Vaars from the movie from here.



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