Vaheguru Ji Ka Khalsa

Vaheguru Ji Ki Fateh


Saadh Sangat Ji,

Thankyou to all the sangat which gathered at the gurdwara sahib and participated in the new years eve kirtan darbar. Theres is truly no better way to bring in the new year. The kirtan was amazing, and what a great hukumnaama to bring in the new year

jo mwgih Twkur Apuny qy soeI soeI dyvY ]

Jo Maange Thakhur apne te, soee soee deveh

What ever i ask from my Lord and Master, he gives that to me.


nwnk dwsu muK qy jo bolY eIhw aUhw scu hovY ]2]14]45]

Nanak das mukh te jo bole eeha ooha sach hoveh

Whatever the Lords slave Nanak utters with his mouth, proves to be true, here and hereafter.


So Satguru has opened his treasure chest for us to ask what  we want. What should we ask for? winning lottery ticket? materialistic objects?

Listen to Bhai Surjit Singhs explanation below, for what we should ask for:

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