Vaheguru Ji Ka Khalsa

Vaheguru Ji Ki Fateh,


Bhai Harpaul Singh from the Akal Academy at Baru Sahib, has been doing a tremendous amount of seva throughout the world by teaching Gurmukhi  and Gurbani Santhiya. It is vital that in order to communicate with our Guru we must learn to read, speak, write and understand the script that has been gifted to us by Guru Ji. Only then will we truly be able to appreciate the Jewels contained within Gurbani.

Bhai Sahib is currently teaching the intensive 15 day course at GNG, he is teaching both Panjabi for beginners and also Gurbani Santhiya. Please take out half an hour a day and take advantage of these classes. For more info please call:

Bhai Harpaul Singh – 07466858541
Bibi Mohinder Kaur – 07855261115

Below is the audio recording where Bhai Hapaul Singh Ji explains the importance of learning  Gurmukhi.